Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up Paddle board Module Sheltered Water Award (SUP)

This award is designed to develop your understanding of how to plan and paddle a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) in sheltered water, using the appropriate abilities and decision making skills to travel safely on your pre-determined route

Your SUP Sheltered Water Award will give you the ability to organise and carry out an enjoyable and safe trip on the water up to 200 metres from shore, up to force 3 in winds. You will be confident in considering how far you can safely travel from the shore, whilst identifying safe exit points, expanding your knowledge of rescue techniques and looking at the external and environmental factors which may affect our journey. You will create proficient skills to anticipate and adapt to problems we may encounter to enable us to have a safe and enjoyable day out stand up paddle boarding.


In order to have an enjoyable day out on the SUP we need to make some key decisions to ensure we are in the right place at the right time. Key factors influencing our decisions are the weather, wind and water conditions. We can take each of these factors into consideration and ask ourselves some questions to ensure the correct decisions are made

Getting Ready

Before getting to the water we must choose suitable kit and equipment and have the correct knowledge to use it

At the Water

Before we set out on our journey, we need to be confident in our ability to deal with the complications it might bring.

SUP Skills

When SUP paddling, you should be in control. Key features of being in control include staying relaxed, using balance on the craft to move forwards and manoeuvre, having a range of skills and knowledge to get you safely through the journey and to be able to deal with any mishaps

After the Session

Every trip is an opportunity for learning and improving. We can create a positive impact on our future experiences by performing a good post-trip review