Rolling Clinic

Rolling Clinic

Book a one-to-one or a two persons session with one of our qualified instructor/coaches, these are available on weekends, weekdays and evenings from May through to October.

Our approach to a Rolling session is:

We get asked many questions and one of them is “How long will it take me to roll?”  the answer is that everyone learns differently, and this is question that is impossible to answer.

All too often we meet people who can roll their kayak first time every time in a swimming pool, or on flat water but have never learnt how to roll on the move whilst paddling.

At Splash we aim to teach you a roll that can be developed into a solid roll in a number of different environments. We will spend time focusing on your body movements and your technique, rather than putting a lot of power through your arms.

A huge part of rolling is being confident in water if you are not a very confident person whist on the water, then this is something we will try to address first.

What will be included in the session?

These sessions are designed to work towards solving the art of rolling a Kayak and how to master the roll this will then open the world of kayaking up to a new level for you. We use modern and variety of approaches to help you develop this skill.

We supply all equipment and this course is completely tailored to the individual’s needs however if you have your own kayak then please feel free to bring it with you.

1 Person – 2hrs – £50 plus £25 for every additional hour there after
2 People – 2hrs – £85 plus £25 for every additional hour there after