Private Tuition

Private Tuition

One to One Lessons

Great for any level of paddling, to learn new techniques or refine existing skills, these sessions are perfect for the beginner or the intermediate paddler who are wanting to perfect their skills.

For the person who can’t wait to get started, or the paddler who wants to work on any specific skills to the new comer who may be a little nervous, by working with one of our qualified coaches on a one to one basis would mean the session is completely tailored to your aims, needs and set at your pace this would enable us to provide a good learning and would give you a great experience.

Our experienced instructors are available for a One to One session on SUP (Paddleboard), Open Canoe, Sit on Kayaks and General-purpose boats. (kayak)

1 Person 2hrs – £50 + £25 for every additional hour there after
2 People 2hrs – £75 + £25 for every additional hour there after